What happens when we die? Do we go to heaven? Do we go to HELL? Limbo? Purgatory? WHERE?
There is so much confusion about what happens when we die. If you believe the Bible, the answer is easy to find. Just read the Bible. The Bible makes it quite clear without any doubt. This being the case, why do so many Christians have odd beliefs? Some say that you go straight to heaven, regardless of how good or how bad you have lived your life. Some say it depends on your life, and you go straight to heaven, or to hell. Some say you go to                   , or              , and charge money to get you out.
The Bible teaches that the God who created heaven and earth is a God of LOVE. In fact He loves us so much, that he sent His only Son down from the majesty of heaven, to be beaten, whipped, scourged, and tortured on a cross. The picture of existing, forever burning, in a place called hell just does not seem to fit. Would a God of love REALLY do that? Besides, if ALL the wicked burn forever, then there are two immediate anomalies. It would mean that a man who stole a banana to survive is punished forever in flames beside Hitler, who killed millions. It would also mean that Cain who killed Abel, has already been suffering for six thousand years longer than the said Hitler. Another problem is that if a husband goes to heaven, and his wife goes to hell, would he ENJOY being in heaven knowing the suffering she was going through? The Bible says God is going to wipe away all tears.                             Is that possible in this situation? Another similar problem is how would we feel being in heaven and seeing our loved ones going through turmoil on earth?
The first thing to check out is if in fact we go ANYWHERE at all after death. There are some Bible verses that say PLAINLY that we go nowhere after death, at least not IMMEDIATELY.

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